Trend analysis is a crucial component of market research. Conversations taking place online change quickly in both topic and tone. Without the ability to listen to what consumers are talking about in real-time, it becomes difficult to keep up with the trends that can help boost online consumer engagement.

Specifically, brands need to adjust their marketing campaigns and business strategies based on what their consumers want, what is happening in their industry, and in the world.

Easier said than done. Understanding what changes are taking place, and their significance, is a huge challenge. In the past, traditional surveys and other market research methods were used to help brands understand their audiences and the interests of their audience. Download our trend analysis guide to learn how to:

  1. Identify changes within their industry to help create relevant content and take advantage of marketing opportunities
  2. Understand the consumer interests and behaviors that drive purchasing decisions

Insights Provided by Ipsos

IpsosSynthesio was acquired by Ipsos in 2018, and remains a standalone Ipsos company. Ipsos was founded in 1975, has 18,000 employees, and is the leader in market research and consumer insights. Combined, Synthesio and Ipsos deliver world-class technology and services for Social Media Intelligence.

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