Sustainable packaging is no longer a choice for brands, but a corporate necessity.

Sustainable packaging trends are becoming a greater concern for consumers. Eight in ten people globally feel we're headed for an environmental disaster unless we change our habits quickly. In the United States alone, 82% of adults agree with the statement “I think manufacturers should actively support recycling initiatives for the products they sell."

Fifty years on from the birth of the recycling symbol, we’re at a tipping point where the fundamental attributes of package design are increasingly questioned. Companies who grasp the opportunity to take a leadership position have the potential for great reward.

In a world of minimal growth for Consumer Packaged Goods, it is packaging that offers manufacturers the real opportunity to differentiate, be unique, and ultimately influence choice. There are rewards for brands demonstrating leadership on the issue of sustainable packaging trends.

Read this report to learn how companies like Starbucks and others are leading the way.

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