Social Media and Healthcare: What Marketers Need to Know


Learn how social media and healthcare marketing teams work together

It's no secret that healthcare enterprises are under a constant microscope. When it comes to social media and healthcare teams, they must be prepared to manage the scrutiny of state and federal regulations while concurrently preparing for crisis response to events beyond their control. The Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite arms health insurance companies with the qualitative data they need to quantitatively measure social and mainstream media’s impact on their brands, the competitive sector, and the entire network of initiatives that form the day to day operations of an enterprise.

In this guide, we’ll provide healthcare executives with six strategies that will drive successful social listening programs through a skillful organization of use cases and business goals. The report covers the following use cases:

  • Brand Health
  • Brand/Product Monitoring
  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement
  • Wellness Initiative Campaign Analysis
  • PR for Philanthropic Efforts
  • Crisis Monitoring & Alerting

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