Social Listening, Social Intelligence...So What?

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how to develop a Social Intelligence Ecosystem

Hear from Synthesio, Spredfast and Smarty Social Media in part 2 of our 3 part webinar series, Social Listening, Social Intelligence...So What?

Now, more than ever, it's essential for brands to listen to customers across all media channels and react immediately to the voice of their audience. Brands must be properly equipped to use and act on the data they uncover, both quickly and efficiently. Partnering social intelligence, social engagement, and customer care helps brands to better understand consumers in order to target communications more effectively. This leads to stronger relationships with brand advocates, fewer dissatisfied customers, and more qualified leads in the pipeline.

In our on-demand webinar, our social marketing experts will focus their discussion on the benefits of a deploying a best-in-breed digital ecosystem. We'll share some examples of companies thriving within an integrated SAAS ecosystem - as well best practices for managing consumer data and communications on a broad scale.

Watch our webinar to learn:
  • The benefits of deploying a digital ecosystem
  • How to make your organization more agile and efficient
  • How to streamline company-wide collaboration
  • How to scale social across your company and systems
  • How to transform the customer experience

Watch Our Webinar:


Joe Curry

Business Development Manager


As part of the Business Development team at Spredfast, Joe focuses on aligning ecosystem and social network partners with Spredfast’s open platform strategy. Building long-term relationships with new & existing partners keeps Joe on the road quite a bit. However, on the weekends you’ll find him working on his golf game or bringing a taste of his native home (Louisiana) to Austin with savory cajun cookouts.

Greg Roth

Director of Product Marketing


As the Director of Product Marketing, Greg contributes to Synthesio's marketing strategies, as well as accelerating marketing and sales enablement initiatives. He provides leadership and support for Synthesio's marketing team. As a pioneer in the social SaaS space, he has spent the last ten years educating brands and agencies on strategic best practices and the power of data-driven social marketing. Greg has expanded the breadth of his career skills by consulting for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups within the social and mobile landscape.

Jamie Dadant

Social Listening & Community Outreach Manager

Smarty Social Media

Jamie is currently consulting for Smarty SM, where she specializes in monitoring clients’ social media channels to gain insight into a company’s overall presence online. Through an arsenal of social listening tools, Jamie is able to help determine where the conversations are happening, a brand’s online sentiment, and alert clients to impending customer service issues. She has a strong background and a passion for the business, Jamie has created several online businesses. Jamie has received multiple awards and has been featured in several publications.