We all know the pool of online data is vast.

Dispersed within that pool are insights that are incredibly valuable for brands if discovered and acted upon. But as always, there’s a catch! Sorting through thousands, or even millions, of irrelevant mentions, interactions and impressions to get to an actionable insight or trend manually is impossible. Even if the data is well-organized in descriptive data visualizations, crucial social media trends and insights will be missed.

We're at a turning point.

Consumers are speaking up everywhere and faster than ever before. That’s why we, Synthesio & Ipsos, have created Signals. Watch our on-demand webinar where we’ll show you how bringing together decades of market research methodologies and social listening technology will provide insights that will help you answer real business questions like:
  • Is a new competitor becoming a threat to my business?
  • Are the influencers I work with generating engaging content?
  • Who or what do consumers associate with my brand?

Insights Provided by Ipsos

IpsosSynthesio was acquired by Ipsos in 2018, and remains a standalone Ipsos company. Ipsos was founded in 1975, has 18,000 employees, and is the leader in market research and consumer insights. Combined, Synthesio and Ipsos deliver world-class technology and services for Social Media Intelligence.

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