While the Internet enables brands to connect with and learn from a global community, it also puts them at risk of unanticipated, immediate backlash. Over the past decade, countless brands, both large and small, have had to deal with Internet-related public relations crises at a moment's notice. Mishandling these situations can lead to the rapid meltdown of a company image that took years, if not decades, to build up. Ultimately, it hurts the bottom line.

A global hospitality corporation, one of Synthesio's longtime clients, was faced with a public relations crisis in the form of a recent data breach. After implementing insights found through Synthesio's social analytics platform, the company saw a 15% increase in net positive sentiment and a 22% increase in bookings compared to immediately after the crisis.

Download the 7-page report on public relations crisis management to see:
  • How Synthesio accurately alerted the team of a potential public relations crisis
  • How the client pinpointed concerns, geographic impact of the data breach, and most prominent bad press
  • 4 steps to developing a public relations crisis management strategy for every industry

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