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Speaker: Leah Pope, VP Global Marketing, Synthesio

Word of mouth marketing has always been a powerful force and every strategic marketer knows that customers are more influenced by fellow customers than they are by vendors. Now, in the social age, influencers have a louder and more powerful voice than ever before.  With any luck, these influencers can be powerful allies for your brand, but what if you can take the luck out with strategic social marketing efforts?

Watch our webinar to learn:

  • How to find your key influencers (and detractors)

  • How to strategically reach out and build relationships

  • How to ignite your fan's passion

  • How to identify key success points to measure your progress and track ROI

  • Translate influencer marketing to business KPIs

Discover how to harness the power of social to develop advocacy around your brand, and create tangible business results through listening and engagement. 

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Take the Luck out of Word of Mouth

The Power of Influence