How Pernod Ricard Used Profiler in Their Wine Marketing Strategy

Case Study

Learn how Pernod Ricard used Profiler to find strategic targeting insights

In order to implement a successful wine marketing strategy, extensive research and strategic thinking are required. It's important for wine brands to perfect their brand messaging, perfect the campaign pieces, and properly understand their audience.

Prior to launching a popular New Zealand wine in Belgium, Pernod Ricard wanted to identify their target audience so that they're delivering the right content to the right people. When promoting their new product, Pernod Ricard had wanted to target a new audience while looking at real-time data to achieve their wine marketing strategy goals. After considering different CPG analytics companies, they turned to Profiler, our audience insights tool, to help identify the target audience for their new product. Download our case study to learn how Profiler fueled their campaign with deep audience insights, and in turn, helped them deliver custom messaging.

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