How a Pharmaceutical Media Agency Uses Synthesio Across Multiple Clients and Brands


Agencies Unlocking the Power of Synthesio’s Flexible Social Intelligence Suite

A Pharmaceutical Media Agency that is the media resource for the world’s leading healthcare companies and is strongly rooted in data analysis and technological innovation, offers the integrated solutions needed to achieve measurable results in an increasingly complex marketplace. The agency targets healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers with scientific precision, and creatively executes the messages needed to drive their business beyond expectations.

Like many agencies, it works with different brands, products, and clients, each with unique use-cases. It has many different teams that require access to social data. This is why they initially started working with the Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite. While always looking for new ways to help clients, and grow their own client-relationships as well, many different employees and client teams regularly use the Synthesio platform for the following use cases:

    • Brand Health
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Influencer Marketing

Find out which agency this is, and learn more about how they use the Syntheso social media intelligence platform.

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