Finding key audience insights around leading car buying demographics

Traditionally, American car buyers have invested time in visiting many showrooms and looking at a few different makes and models, but the increased buying power of the tech-savvy consumer has transformed the car buying experience into internet research.

To evolve with the new digital car buying experience, auto marketers need to know who their prospective consumers are and target them with customized online content that speaks to their specific demographics and interests. This can only be achieved through sophisticated audience intelligence.


Did you know?

  • Baby Boomers own the oldest cars and are the most active car buyers.
  • Gen Xers are more likely to purchase an SUV than a sedan.
  • Millennials are less likely to be loyal to an automotive brand than the previous two American generations.

Download the full guide to learn how to find key audience insights around the leading car buying demographics.

Insights Provided by Ipsos

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