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Cosmetics Influencer Marketing Campaign 

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Featuring: A panel of Influencer Marketing experts, including:
Cosmetics Social Influencer, Latasha James has joined our panel to offer a complete picture of Influencer Marketing - from boardroom to the living room.
Arthur Aurientis joins us from the brand side, with 10+ years at the Chief Digital Office at L'Oreal, bringing expert tips on developing Influencer Marketing strategies that scale.

Social Media has fundamentally changed the balance of power between customers and brands because it enables peer recommendations to play a much greater role in purchasing decisions. In today’s highly competitive Cosmetics & Beauty landscape, Social Media Influencers have a large part to play in marketing. They are the new spokespeople for Beauty brands - and their influence is massive, while 100% trackable and measurable with the right tools. 

Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Forums are full of cosmetics influencers, so, how do you know which influencers have the largest relevant reach, and how can you connect their influence to business impact? Watch our webinar to hear a behind the scenes perspective from Cosmetics Social Influencer and lifestyle blogger, Latasha James, and learn best practices for contacting and working with influencers and measuring their success. Seasoned Cosmetics social data analyst, Arthur Aurientis, will show us expert tips on developing Influencer Marketing strategies that scale.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how to:

  • Identify brand influencers and advocates to boost organic conversation volumes around the brand
  • Assemble communities of brand ambassadors to drive influencer campaigns online and offline
  • Build targeted content based on influencer niches and communities to attract new fans
  • Monitor and measure long tail influence to connect influencer marketing efforts to business impact

Latasha James


We've added Latasha James to offer a complete picture of Influencer Marketing - from boardroom to the living room. She started her YouTube channel in 2014 as an extension of her lifestyle blog,, and her influential cosmetics videos have generated a massive following, with 80k+ views.

Arthur Aurientis


We are excited to have Arthur on our panel, bringing 10+ years experience on the Global Media and Management team at the Chief Digital Office at L'Oréal. He has recently launched his own consultancy, helping Cosmetics brands develop and execute Social Marketing programs that scale.


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Margie Strickland


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Mehdi Boufous